Annabell and Clover

"Annabell is a creative introvert who rescues an abandoned baby raccoon. The two are inseparable until Annabell realizes clover feels left out not being with his own kind. Can Annabell let go of the only friend she's ever had? Will the other raccoons accept Clover?"

I changed "Huckleberry" to "Clover". Huckleberry Fin is a bit to famous to share the name. Here is the process on a possible illustration direction.

The sketch has already been posted (see below). Here is the line drawing.

I scanned in the line drawing and painted digitally. Starting by blocking in the general colors. I knew I wanted it to be bright and fun. I kept thinking "Pinterest" colors.

After many many layers, I made the whole image grayscale to make sure my values were ok. The background could be a tad lighter.

And the final image.

Take care!


Gicky said...

I love this one. Is this going to be a book? I like Annabell :)

Neesha Hudson said...

Was thinking about it...