Some Recent Things

Here are some recent sketches. I'm working on finding a more defined style so my portfolio is consistent. Thinking of exploring the story of Annabell & Huckleberry more...

Also, below are a few of the very talented people I've been art stalking recently. They are incredibly inspiring. And the resources Chris Oatley offers are like nothing I've ever seen before. He has a ton of free information/Photoshop brushes/inspiration/advice. Definitely worth checking out.

Take care!


Lucy Chen said...

Hi Neesha, your drawings are very very nice! I think you have a distinct style already, but it is a good thing. Different in some way, but still "Neesha".

Neesha Hudson said...

Hey Lucy, thank you! It's nice to hear someone else's perspective. Sometimes it's hard to look at your own work objectively. Actually I think it's almost impossible haha.