New Website

Surprise surprise I actually worked on my branding! It was mostly due to dire need. The SCBWI conference is coming up in just a few weeks! So far I've ordered postcards, business cards, and stickers. Next stop is Dick Blick for a new portfolio for the showcase. They also have a mandatory assignment that I will need to start soon. Busy busy!

Check out my new site at www.neeshahudson.com 




He Sows She Sews blog header

The very talented Gretchen Ronnevik (aka Nerdy Gerdy) commissioned me to design a new header for her blog.

The original sketches.

Gretchen had a hard time choosing which direction she wanted to go, so I superimposed the sketches on a screenshot of her blog. That way she could get an idea of how it could look.

Tada! Check it out live at He Sows and She Sews.


Character Designs

These guys are leftovers from some designs I did for a potential job. Kind of like spec work except I got paid and had them sign an agreement not to use the images. But if they like what I did then I get the job!


It's Quiet Here...

I've been working on a personal project with my friend. We are keeping it hush hush for now, hence the quietness on the old blog. I can however post a couple of sketches I did last week. I was supposed to be working but sometimes it's hard to focus, you know?


Mural Photos

Not to be redundant, but my husband took some legit photos of the mural so I just have to share.


Wall Mural

For some reason Peak Dental let me paint on their walls, and I had a ton of fun doing it! Peak Dental is in Falmouth, ME and one of the most amazing offices I've ever seen (and I have seen a LOT of dentists). They are completely "green", use no harsh chemicals, and all digital x-rays. On top of that they do exceptional work and are so nice and friendly! If you are in the area I would definitely give them a visit. They are running a promotion for new patients too.

Since they were open to ideas, I suggested a circus themed mural with funky whimsical characters for their children's area. It took about 13 hrs to complete.



Carl Did Not Belong

See if you can guess which one Carl is.

And a detail.


The Dark

I've recently fallen in love with Jon Klassen. Although he is unaware of my feelings, he hasn't stopped encouraging them. His most recent illustrated book is "The Dark" written by Lemony Snicket (also brilliant). The humor and just plain good design he brings is inspiring. I also think it's interesting he illustrated a different book about a girl who knits...

If nothing else, next time you are in a bookstore, go to the picture book section and read "I Want My Hat Back." You will chuckle, I promise.


Etsy Shop

I'm happy to announce my Etsy shop is up and running again! It's a little bare now but I will be adding more soon.

Click the link above or copy and paste https://www.etsy.com/shop/neesha into your web browser.


Sketches June 2013


Annabell and Clover

"Annabell is a creative introvert who rescues an abandoned baby raccoon. The two are inseparable until Annabell realizes clover feels left out not being with his own kind. Can Annabell let go of the only friend she's ever had? Will the other raccoons accept Clover?"

I changed "Huckleberry" to "Clover". Huckleberry Fin is a bit to famous to share the name. Here is the process on a possible illustration direction.

The sketch has already been posted (see below). Here is the line drawing.

I scanned in the line drawing and painted digitally. Starting by blocking in the general colors. I knew I wanted it to be bright and fun. I kept thinking "Pinterest" colors.

After many many layers, I made the whole image grayscale to make sure my values were ok. The background could be a tad lighter.

And the final image.

Take care!