Wizard of Ozness


A lot of changes have been happening lately. Moving, marriage, new pets, new name, new...life. I got married on January 24th to the most amazing man I have ever met. He inspires me like no one else ever has. He is a photographer/designer which makes him a wonderful source to bounce ideas off of. He helped me out with this. It is a commissioned piece and my only guidelines were that it had to have the tin man and Dorothy. With some reference to the tin man's heart. Holy open ended Batman. It was very fun to paint though. I tried to experiment with square brushstrokes. It came out with some semblance to the idea I had in my head. Could have been pushed further.

I'll try to keep them coming now that life has slightly slowed down. No promises though.

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Arrolynn said...

This is beautiful Neesha! I love the square brushstrokes, it gives really great energy to the piece. And congrats on getting married!