Every Now and Then

I just finished what turned into a pretty big project.  I was commissioned to illustrate a children's book that is soon to be self published.  It was originally going to be 9 full color illustrations, but she added in 9 more ink drawings and one more full color.  The story is about a girl who goes to the NY public library and finds an old atlas.  She discovers, with the help of a bookworm, that every map she turns to in the book she is instantly taken to that place in the world.  It was a really fun story to illustrate since it took place all over the globe.  Consistency was the main issue I had to deal with.  I'll get a link to blurb soon so if you want you can order a copy.
These were inked and painted with watercolor; and then I photoshopped the maps in.  The maps are from an old atlas that was bought on ebay.  I just scanned in the corresponding country to the illustration.  In most of the full colored ones you can see the name of the country, or city, hidden somewhere in the illustration.
In completely unrelated news I have a new puppy!  Her name is London, and is the sweetest, most playful dog ever.  I'll do a sketch and upload it instead of a picture, since this is an art blog after all.


Abe said...

Congrats, Neesha! Looks like a cool and fun book.

nattycash said...

You're the best! Thanks again, Neesha!

Watts said...

These are awesome Neesha! Great job tying the black and whites in too.

Arenyth said...

Wow neesha I love these!

widmerpool said...

hey! my hometown Poughkeepsie is on the first map. good stuff.

marry said...

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