I was looking through the latest Spectrum yesterday and it made me want to do a weird little sci-fi drawing. 

I don't really know what this is.  It started out as a potential "Alice in Wonderland" painting.  I was thinking of rewriting the story where the "real world" and "fantasy world" are switched.  So like when she falls down the rabbit hole everything is normal there and she tries to cope with it.  I think that would be the less exciting version though.

"Then Alice knocked on the door of a woman who called child services because she thought Alice had been abandoned.  Alice lived with foster parents until she was 18 and moved to California to be a singer.  She wasn't very good so she worked at a diner to get by.  The end."


Cateris said...

Maybe she sees how dull real people are and wants to help them, and brings some of her crazy world into ours. And the moral of the story is to enjoy little quirky things in life because if you think about it, everything in Wonderland is real, just exaggerated. :)

Sarah Watts said...

Nice twist Neesha, haha. Boy I sure do miss you....PS One of your thesis pieces got into Ringling's calendar. U probably know that. xoxo!

Renee said...

What could be better than a cute picture with a cute story.



hyena said...

Hi! I accidentally found your blog and I love your style. Your animations are great. :)