Agents and Arts

I am so excited to talk about Red Fox Literary! I recently signed with the very sweet and knowledgeable Danielle Smith. This partnership came about through a fortunate series of events. While researching agencies I was disappointed to find Red Fox Literary isn't accepting submissions at this time. Pondering how to get my in, I followed them on their respective social media outlets. Much to my excitement Danielle followed me on Twitter that night, and e-mailed me the next day asking if I was looking for representation. I was shocked at first, "how did the internets know?"

Well the team keeps an eye on their Twitter followers and once she saw me follow them she looked me up! More and more the power of social media, especially Twitter, in networking is demonstrated. There is no other platform where you can directly connect with artists, agents, art directors, editors, celebrities (at least I assume Miley is reading my fan tweets), etc.

I am really excited to work with Danielle and be a part of the Red Fox team. In an effort to continue on this roller coaster of illustrationing I am working on a new book idea. Below are a couple of color studies as I try to figure out the right palette. Poor awkward giraffe, he just doesn't fit in...


Edith Ritter said...

Congrats!!! and Love the blue!!!

Red Fox Literary said...

Welcome to Red Fox Neesha! We are THRILLED to have you on the team. As soon as Danielle showed me your work, I fell in love with it. So happy you followed our Twitter account. : )