Figure Session and Other Things


I'm not allowed to post the work I've been doing for Home Depot, which is kind of a bummer, so here are some figure drawings from Art at Joe's.  The top two are 15 min and the bottom is 20 min. If you live in Atlanta I highly recommend this figure group. It is from 8-10 and only $5. The model was one of the best I've had in a long time, and it was a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Aside from the usual icons that will be on packaging throughout the store, Home Depot asked me to create some illustrations showing various customer experiences. For example, you can now buy something online at HomeDepot.com and pick it up in the store of your choosing. So they wanted a comic style illustration showing how that process works. It was a strong blend of illustration and graphic design, which made it even more of a challenge, but super fun.

Aside from that, I'm preparing to attend the Society of Children's Books Writer's and Illustrators convention next February in New York. Ive always wanted to go, and now that Isabella is a little bit older, I think I will finally be able to. I want a completely new portfolio, so the first piece is based off "Little Red Riding Hood." As much as I've tried to find inspiration in other stories or text, nothing beats Grimm Fairy Tales.

Take care.

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Gicky said...

How in the world do you sketch these in minutes. Looks like hours of work to me. Great job. Also so pleased that you are going to The Children's Books Writer's and Illustrator's Convention. Thats awesome and exciting!