Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

Well it's been awhile since I've posted.  With good reason.  This little girl has kept me quite busy.  Her name is Annie and she is the main character in a book I just finished illustrating for the very talent Alana Dakos.  

I literally finished my last illustration today and it seems fitting to document my thoughts now, while they are fresh.  My only problem is, my brain is mush.  Where do I start?

...It's peculiar when you are so immersed in a painting or project that it completely takes over your life.  Every spare moment I had not caring for my child or trying to find something to eat in my progressively emptying refrigerator, I was drawing or painting or scanning.  Even when I wasn't doing those things, my mind was on them.  I literally couldn't escape this adorable blonde haired girl.  I never will.  She will always be with me.

In the beginning I was excited by all the possibilities.  I got the privilege of creating something from words on a page.  Then started the sketches and line drawings and revisions, and I saw this thing becoming it's own beast.  I never thought the book would turn out like it did.  Of course, nothing ever turns out like what I envision.

I'm a much better artist in my head.

I am incredibly proud of this book.  I do not want to minimize that.  It turned out so well, and everyone worked hard to make it that way.  Mary Joy Gumayagay did a wonderful job with the design and the story is solid and adorable.  

But I can not emphasize how much it taught me.  How involved I want my career to be, what direction I want to go in, and how I want my art to represent me.  I looked at a lot of amazing artists over the past few months.  For inspiration and guidance as I tried to figure this thing out.  Adam Rex, Oliver Jeffers, James Jean, and Lisbeth Zwerger will never know how much they helped me.  Unless they read my blog.  Which is very unlikely.

There are going to be some changes in the future.  Of course, they will have to wait.  For now I'm vegging out on the couch with some chocolate covered pretzels and a DVR filled with recordings.

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Gicky said...

Great job on your illustrations for this book:)