Polite Octopus

We have been calibrating all our monitors, laptops, and printers so the colors are actually accurate.  The correct calibration is surprisingly warmer and darker then I would have thought/have been working with.  I should have done this a long long time ago.

We used Color Munki.  With the variety of options out there (and variety of price ranges) we landed with this one.  So far it works great.

Color is subjective, it even changes with the tilt of your laptop screen, so to truly get accurate color on multiple screens is quite tricky.  And an e-mailed illustration to a client can look so different on their computer.  It's almost like saying "ok, here is generally how it looks."

Oh, and the above image doesn't really have anything to do with the subject matter in this post.  I was just playing with my new baby.

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