The Sketchbook Project

A few posts back I mentioned participating in the Sketchbook Project.  They mailed me a sketchbook and I had until January of this year to fill it up with whatever I wanted.  I thought it would be a good motivator for making me draw in a sketchbook again.  I was right, but as usual kind of left the bulk of it until the last minute.

Anyways, here are a few more pages from it.  The pages are so thin when I scanned them ghost images of other pages appeared.  I don't mind the gritty, dirty look it gives them though.  That's what a sketchbook is all about right?  Torn pages splattered with coffee rings and smudge marks.

Portland area friends can see my sketchbook, and the other participants, at SPACE Gallery March30-April2.  Atlanta peeps can see it at the Granite Room April 8-9 (211 Peters St. Atlanta 30313).

Go here to see my profile and bio for the project.

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