Just Practicing Her Swing

CharacterDesigns.com has tons of great figure reference.  Unfortunately you do have to cypher through quite a bit of photos to get to the good images. But it's worth it if you want an awesome picture of a ninja wielding a samurai sword!

We spent last weekend with my husband's family in Charlotte.  They are big Steelers fans so everyone (including the fam still in Pittsburgh) got together to watch the game on Sunday.  Much to Dan's dismay I am not even remotely a sports fan, so I decided to bring my laptop and work on my sweet ninja lady.  Dan's grandmother, the archetypal sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly, thinks everyone is the greatest, hates all violence, grandmother sat down next to me to see what I was drawing.

G- "Oh...is she playing golf?"

Me- "Umm...yes"

Ninja's play golf, right?


TornadoTwos said...

HAHAHA, that's awesome!

stephanie said...

aww, gramma mary! <3