Betty's P90x

Dan and I have a little adventure going on on our facebook page.  Every two weeks(ish) we come up with a different project.  Anyone can participate.  It's just something fun to keep us doing what we love.  This way we can still create for ourselves, not just for work.

The theme for this one was to pick one of five words and google it.  Then create an image coming up with what you find.  I picked the word Vintage.  The other words you could choose were steampunk, bebop, legend, and confined.

I was trying to keep the color palette old fashioned looking without killing the image or making it too bland.  I'm not sure if I succeeded in that endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Love this, what talent you have. I love looking at all your art. Is this one for sale?

Neesha Hudson said...

Thank You! I have prints available, as well as the black and white ink original. If you'd like one e-mail me at neesha@hicollective.com and I can give you the prices!