This was my final project for Computer Illustration. It was done in painter. I am back in maine now, searching for jobs and drawing and painting in the mean time. I feel guilty every day that i'm not incessantly busy making money or painting. I'd like to thank art school for that.

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Arenyth said...

Neesha! I like this picture, her hips are so wide they're crazy! But you made it look really painterly, and I know you used painter but you didn't overdo it, it looks natural.
On another note, I HAVE TO CALL YOU! I've been so frickin busy, I slept through your goodbye call that Saturday, and when I got it I was so upset cause I was going to call you to hang out with you one last time. Completely forgot that you might be leaving early. Made me sad. I'm lookin for jobs too, it's a pain in the ass. Looks like I might be doing a lightly animated music video though, which is kinda cool. and LOST, you must have seen the finale last night, holy frickin crap we must theorize!